The backbone of any equipment rental company is their service department, and Air Equipment Rental has a strong backbone.  Whether you need us in the field for an urgent repair, or you have an old compressor of your own that you want to get running again, Air Equipment Rental has over 25 years of experience repairing air compressors of all makes and classes. Call us today if you have any service needs, and you will be getting only the best.

Protect Your Compressor

Being able to fully service air compressors at any of our locations makes sure that your urgent needs are met with haste. Along with servicing and maintaining our own compressors, we are also fully capable of servicing your machine in these ways and many others:

- Parts for all market models

- Coupler replacement

- Oil/Fuel/Air leaks

- Cooling systems maintenance 

- Electrical/Sensor problems

- Preventative maintenance programs

- Breakdown repair

- Enclosure/Running gear work

24/7 Service

Sometimes your job doesn't take breaks, so neither can your air compressor. Air Equipment Rental is ready to service your unit any time of the day, any day of the week. Just give us a call and we will help you ASAP.

Pickup or Delivery

Business that have equipment that accumulates oil will eventually need a thorough cleaning. Manually cleaning surfaces is a good way to keep your business clean. However, it won't remove stuck-on oil and grime that has been accumulating over a long period of time. Bringing in sandblasting means your equipment will receive a professional sandblasting to remove the oil and contaminants that aren't lifted through manual cleaning. It doesn't require any harsh chemicals and will ensure that precision parts that you rely on are clean and free of dirt and debris.


All Classes, All Sizes

Air Equipment Rental can service any diesel compressor that you have you have, whether it is a small unit for running construction equipment like jackhammers, or a high pressure unit on a drill site. 

Time Saver

One of the biggest advantages of sandblasting is that it saves time so that your business can remain productive with very little downtime. The particle material quickly blasts away pollutants from surfaces. When completed by a professional sandblasting operation, you'll enjoy a swift turn around. Depending on the size of the surface, a cleaning job that would take hours to clean manually can be cleaned in a matter of minutes through sandblasting.