State of the Company

Written By Air Equipment Rental Corp. vice president, Tom Gilman

With the Rental industry in a stalemate over the last couple of years due to the onset of Tier 4 motor emissions being integrated into new machines, as well as a down economy slowing new construction, many Rental companies have either been bought up or downsized to keep their heads above water. This doesn’t seem to be the case for Air Equipment Rental Corp. (AER). We have been in growth mode, and have done this by opening new locations and almost doubling the size of our fleet, especially the High-Pressure segment of our fleet.

We have started in the Nashville market, where, through our research, found there to be a high demand for high pressure air. The market had some air compressors in the area, but not enough to cover the amount of rock-work being performed. The AER Nashville team has done an impeccable job of marketing awareness in the area, as well as leaving a major footprint in the market share. We are located just east of Nashville and ready to serve your company in the Tennessee Valley.

Another expansion AER has taken on is opening our latest location in Texas City, Texas, just outside of Houston. We have signed a long-term agreement with one of the international companies to supply them with High-Pressure compressors through re-rental. This allows them to expand into a market that they had left untapped in the past. AER also saw the need for compressed air in this market segment, whether it be through the end user, or through re-rental to other allies we have in the industry. Along with our units in Texas, we have units staged all over the country to decrease delivery times when needed.

I personally have spent the last two years on the road networking AER to other rental houses, whether it be national chains, or the smaller A-Z type companies, as well as other dealers in the industry. The purpose of my trips was to spread the news that AER is one of a few companies that handle all of the major brands of air compressors, and to let other companies in the industry know to call AER for all their air needs. This allows these companies to bid on larger projects by using AER’s fleet as their own through re-rental. I feel that AER can truly help any and all companies with their air needs in the future.

Like all of the other companies in the industry, AER has had its ups and downs, but I do feel that with our expansions into new territories and increasing the size of our fleet to focus on large air and high pressure, we can only continue to grow and expand. Please feel free to reach out to myself for any needs that AER can help you with.

Thank you,

Tom Gilman

Vice President


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