Onwards and Upwards. . .

As we said in our last blog post, we’re excited for big changes that have been taking place here at Air Equipment Rental.  Since 2016 has began, Air Equipment Rental has launched a new website, Facebook profile and LinkedIn page.  However, our growth hasn’t been limited to technology.  Not only does 2016 look promising in the new ways that we connect to you, our customers, but we are also excited for the growth of our company as a whole.

Having already established a strong presence in the Ohio Valley Region, Air Equipment Rental is especially excited for jobs that extend beyond our normal reach.  One great example of these type of projects is in Baja California, Mexico.  We will be sending four of our air compressors from our Cincinnati branch to be used in one of the largest gypsum plants in the world.  In case you aren’t aware, gypsum is a soft mineral that is mainly mined for its use in fertilizers, but it also used in other products like plaster, blackboard chalk, and drywall.  Because of this, gypsum is a resource that is always in high demand, especially with the rise of new agriculture technology.

This product is expected to last six months, and our air compressors will specifically be used to power pile drivers.  If you have never seen a pile driver, this is picture of one attached to a crane:

pile driver

These pile drivers will be used to build and expand upon the gypsum mining project in Mexico by driving poles into the ground that will provide support to the foundation of the gypsum mining facilities.

Here at Air Equipment Rental, we are all very excited about our constant expansion of business, and this growth will only continue with our new branch that will soon be opening in Texas.  After opening our newest branch in Nashville, Tennessee in 2014, we saw the potential that lies beyond the Midwest.  In response to this, we decided that opening a location in Belmont, Texas would be a great opportunity to serve the Gulf Coast area, especially the extensive drilling projects that are constantly taking place in the region.

Overall, Air Equipment Rental has a great year ahead of us.  We are looking forward to continuing to provide the exceptional service and products that you have grown to expect from us, and we are especially excited to begin serving an entirely new customer base in the South and West.  As always, thank you for your continuing business and support, and we look forward to helping you accomplish your next project.

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