Equipping Our Sales Team To Serve You

Air Equipment Rental has always focused on delivering personal service that can be provided to our customers at the drop of a hat.  Whether it’s coming out to your site to repair a machine or helping you find the right air compressor for your job, we aim to always meet your needs quickly and reliably.  However, there is always room for improvement when it comes to helping our customers.  Because of this, Air Equipment Rental has just rolled out a brand new program to better equip our sales staff to meet your needs.

Last week, we began distributing Samsung tablets to both the branch managers and salesmen of Air Equipment Rental Corp.  These tablets give our salesmen access to helpful materials such as branch inventory, comprehensive manuals for air compressors, pricing spreadsheets for machine parts and much more.

What’s better is that all of this information is now available offline for our salesmen to access.  This means that when our sales staff is on-site with customers, they no longer need internet access to share helpful information, such as manuals and literature on our machines or credit applications.  This will ideally shorten the time between discovering what service our customers need, and actually addressing and providing that service to them.  In addition to this, with mobile access to company inventory, our salesmen will now be able to immediately tell you if we currently have a machine available for rental and when it should be delivered to your job site.

Overall, this program was designed with our customers’ needs in mind.  In the coming months, we will continue distributing tablets to our staff, and we will continue to build upon the wealth of materials that our salesmen have access to.   As always, we welcome customer feedback, and we cannot wait to better serve you!

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