Your irrigation system keeps your grounds healthy and beautiful, so make sure that you are using the best equipment to maintain it. Air Equipment Rental always has machines ready for you to use when that time comes

Maintain Your System

Sometimes going to a third party is the most efficient choice for your job, and when you make that decision, Air Equipment Rental is there to provide your air compressors. Renting and using portable diesel air compressors from Air Equipment Rental comes with a variety of benefits that will be sure to make your job easier.

- Easily towed

- Enclosed

- Available aftercooled

- Easily regulated pressure

- Maneuverable  

- Available in several sizes

- Tier 4 compliant compressors available

- Fuel efficient

185 - 260 CFM

This size range of unit is perfect for small to medium sized systems. These smaller units are easily towed with a small pick up or van. Our smaller units are best for the smaller residential streets.

375 - 750 CFM

This size range is most commonly used for large residential properties along with some midsized commercial properties and small golf courses. A bit larger in size, yet still extremely maneuverable.   Aftercooled is also available in this size range, which helps keep the discharge temperature lower, as to not overheat the PVC connectors

750 - 900 CFM

These are mostly used on midsized golf courses. The 900 is a bit larger unit that can be regulated down to 80 PSI. This is a great choice if you are doing multiple zones at one time.

1600 CFM

These units are commonly used for the large Golf courses. Not as maneuverable, but extremely efficient at removing the water from trunk lines. Units of this size will make short work of the largest golf course.

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