Preparation work for a job is always some of the important work, and blasting is an important part of that process. Of course, if you need to blast, you need an air compressor. For over 20 years, Air Equipment Rental has supplied the blasting industry with high quality compressors and reliable service that helps get the job done.

Maintain Your System

Sometimes going to a third party is the most efficient choice for your job, and when you make that decision, Air Equipment Rental is there to provide your air compressors. Renting and using portable diesel air compressors from Air Equipment Rental comes with a variety of benefits that will be sure to make your job easier.

- Smooth out surfaces

- Remove corrosion

- Rust removal

- Cleaning operations

- Roughen surfaces

- Extremely user friendly procedure

- Restore worn equipment

- Blast and remove oil and contaminants 

- Non-toxic

- Time saving

Rust and Corrosion Removal

Sandblasting is perhaps one of the most effective ways to remove rust from your equipment. Rust oxidizes metal and causes damage to the equipment that you depend on for your operation. Whether you own a commercial kitchen or an industrial business, having your equipment sandblasted is an easy and beneficial way to make it look new. This is particularly advantageous if you have industrial equipment that has accumulated rust and needs to be brought back to its original look.

Oil and Contaminants

Business that have equipment that accumulates oil will eventually need a thorough cleaning. Manually cleaning surfaces is a good way to keep your business clean. However, it won't remove stuck-on oil and grime that has been accumulating over a long period of time. Bringing in sandblasting means your equipment will receive a professional sandblasting to remove the oil and contaminants that aren't lifted through manual cleaning. It doesn't require any harsh chemicals and will ensure that precision parts that you rely on are clean and free of dirt and debris.


Restore For Painting

If you have a painting project, sandblasting is an efficient method of smoothing the surface so that the paint goes on without rough spots and looks good. This is particularly useful if you're planning on painting a surface that has accumulated several coats of paint over the years. As you apply more paint to the surface, it's common to observe bumps and rough

spots that make the final job appear less than ideal. Sandblasting is extremely versatile and can prep a wide variety of surfaces so that they are ready to paint.

Time Saver

One of the biggest advantages of sandblasting is that it saves time so that your business can remain productive with very little downtime. The particle material quickly blasts away pollutants from surfaces. When completed by a professional sandblasting operation, you'll enjoy a swift turn around. Depending on the size of the surface, a cleaning job that would take hours to clean manually can be cleaned in a matter of minutes through sandblasting.